Last Night at BSM

August 7, 2016

Last night, Rev. David Norse preached from  Isaiah 1:10-20. These words from the prophet stand in the face of the religious leaders of the time and are meant to inspire the people to turn away from self-importance and back to God by caring for the orphan, the widow, and the stranger in their midst.

Tony Moore and the Amen Choir led us in praise with Let There Be Peace on Earth, Have A Little Talk With God by Stevie Wonder, and Oh, Happy Day!

Our community offered these prayers:

I pray for peace and a bulwark against depression as I am home for the next few weeks recuperating from a surgery. I pray that my lawyer will stand up for me and support me this week. Thank you!

For ****, ****, **** & ****during the difficult time of recurring illness.  For peace – & the awareness of joy each day together.  For **** as he transitions as a college graduate.  For ****’s safe passage home.  For **** – protection from the bullshit in our culture.  May God guide + protect him on his way in this world.

Thank you Lord for new + improved connections, help me to foster them, give us wisdom, discernment + compassion for ourselves + each other.

Dad did not get Berlin job =(.  The plans for the position got changed at the last minute.  He is looking towards another position in England. I applied for many jobs in art as usual, still nothing coming through.  Humbled myself to apply to an internship and do volunteer work.  Hoping to keep working hard and stay positive tho I’m discouraged.

Prayers a friend’s safe pregnancy. Prayer for a friend to end a toxic relationship. Prayer for me to courageously dream and act for what God is doing.

All praise to God the Father, who helps me to feel peace in the chaos; and prayers to understand His desires for my life and future.

For BSM For **** For  **** For **** For Mom For **** For Philadelphia For **** For **** For **** For **** For Peace For Kindness For Today! + Tomorrow

I pray for the many things happening for me, my family, and my job in the next month to go smoothly and not collide with each other.  Amen.

Driving to church today I passed a girl standing on the edge of a bridge.  Prayers of love, hope, and healing for her and of thankfulness for the group of strangers that stopped to save her

God, I’m not sure how I feel, I’m not not inspired.  I think I’m overwhelmed.  I love you.  Thank you for loving me.  –Amen.

please pray for **** during her time visiting the U.S., and for **** for her studies as she watches after her family friends children.

I need some focus & some help just generally.

Prayer for my friend ****, his daughter died suddenly.


I don’t

know but


know You’ve

got it


Hold on I



Please pray for a student I am working with.  She is orphaned and has very little financial resources.  Despite her challenges she is an amazing, inspiring person who hopes to attend college.  I pray that she may find the resources and help to be able to live her dream.


Dear Father,

Please squish this negative thinking.  Please don’t punish me & help me not to punish myself

With love,

Your daughter

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.