Last Night at BSM

September 4, 2016

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow began a new series on biblical values with Exodus 5:1-9, starting with the value of labor. He preached on biblical labor not taking us away from worshipping God, but inviting us into freedom and honoring the gifts we have.

Listen to it here.

Our community offered the following prayers:

Please pray for me:

as I seek God for new directions in my life


**** as she seeks

new directions in her

career + personal life


New in Recovery of

sex + love addiction.

Please pray to continue

To stay the course of



Please pray for my father, ****, who is getting ready to move out of his home on the Jersey Shore, where he has lived most of his 87 years, to an assisted living home near us in Philadelphia. May peace and grace guide us all through this process. Thanks be to God that it’s going well thus far.


I ask for your prayers for myself, my brother, and our relationship.


My sister **** – healing after her car accident a month ago

New relationships


Dear God,

I pray for my fellow coworkers, who have worked day-in + day-out all spring + summer long. I pray that you stay with them while they continue to work tirelessly until the season I over. I pray that work continues to go smoothly while I transition from full time to part time as I go back to school. I ask that you stay with me + help me to finish my final year to the best of my ability.

In your name, I pray.



I am a former professional dancer and teacher of ballroom, Latin, Jitterbug, swing, Bop, etc. My dream is to teach and hold dances for/to homeless people. It could be a means for them to participate in society-at-large and realize that they have the capacity to Live … socialization is really the goal.



Job for ****/Dad

Friend’s mom recovering from acute illness (****)

Another friend’s mom has breast cancer (****)


That my grandma’s (****) heart will heal over the next 3 months so she won’t need to have a defibrillator implanted permanently.


God, I don’t know what

to do with this anger

it’s going to eat my bones

If I don’t figure it out

but I need guidance.

Help me get there.

I promise to be looking

so I won’t miss it.



Thank you for this place. What a joy it is to be a part of such a strange community. Thank you for preparing a place at this Table for me and for all of these beautiful children of yours.

I love you.



Thank you LORD thank you Jesus as the students are going back to school- wherever they attend. May they receive a gr8 education no bullying may they be pre-school to the universityes. And have computers to use.


For BSM – Welcome to **** – you’re in God’s hands

For my mom, ****, **** + **** – give them comfort

For ****, **** + **** may they receive good care

For ****, ****, **** + all returning students. Help them understand the power of learning.

For a kinder Philadelphia

For Amigos de Jesus –Be safe + Grow

For my wife – a great mom + friend

For the 7.4 billion people in this world