Last Night at BSM

September 12, 2016

Last night, Rev. David Norse preached on praying for our enemies, looking at Matthew 5:38-48 for the second week of our series on biblical values. He spoke of the invitation Christ offers to love our enemies and the identity we all have as children of God. Rev. Norse voiced the humbling challenge we experience in praying for those who marginalize, oppress, and do violence against others, especially in light of the 15th anniversary of September 11th.

We reflected on our baptisms as markers of our identity as God’s children by dipping our hands in the baptismal font. We received communion, remembering God’s abundant grace. We then lit candles at stations as we lifted up our enemies in prayer.

Listen to the sermon here.

Our community offered the following prayers:




Please pray for our new DB’ers: ****, ****, **** & ****

****: strength, courage & wisdom for her journey.

For me. That I may grow Daily in God’s wisdom & peace.

I have to deal with the problem employee this week. I need patience and strength.


I ask for chips and new eye contacts in Jesus name I ask, amen.


I pray for lots of help with anxiety and for not having my kids with me. Also, for protection for **** and ****. Thank you.


Please pray that I could become consistently more faithful than fearful. Please pray for all “first responders” routinely dealing with traumatic events: fire fighters, police, EMTs, emergency room staff and others facing emergencies of any type. Praise God for our two absolutely wonderful teenage children, **** and ****.


  1. My car was repaired: thank you for praying
  2. I recently moved from ***** to ****
  3. I started my second year at ****
  4. Need reconciliation for my family and others
  5. Need financial blessing for tuition and other needs
  6. Thank you for your prayers and support

Please keep my grandparents in your prayers. My grandmother just broke her elbow. And my grandfather just got shingles.


I need strength to remain hopeful, even in the midst of a seemingless hopeless world, and the strength to stay positive in a negative work environment


Dealing with feelings of anger and disappointment. Please pray for me.


I minister to those who may hear it. I have and still will continue to show by example true testament of the Bible faith. I pray that as many as may bear witness to great marvels that have not been seen since those early centuries, will have truly understood it and let it not only set into the heart and mind but also the soul. I pray that they might truly begin to walk closer with God. For all are called, but very few are chosen. I ask of these things in your blessed and holy name O Heavenly Father. Selah.


While I’m spiritually exhausted and in need of reconnection with myself and God, I’m happy and excited to be taking steps to restructure my life. Last night I colored a postcard for a friend while listening to Gregorian chanting by candlelight. God if you’re there, be with ****. Peace, ****


Great are you Lord

Thank you!


God, show me where you

Want me to be

Show me how

To get there

Help me know

What I want/need.

Give me the courage

To seek it.

And to seek you.



Hey, friend,

Thank you for

comforting me,

that was kind

and is


<3 ****


I ask for wisdom in managing emotions. I pray that I can be loving to all I meet.


God, I feel disoriented

and weary,

unprepared for a week of work.

Please fill me with your courage and

peace this week.



Please keep my sister **** safe in her travels.


Thank you LORD

Thank you Jesus

Where were our flags today?

My flag never “wears out”

May my friends be proud to fly them today & on other days

BSM needs a flag


Dear God,

Please keep my son safe.

Please wipe out any rogue melanoma cells in my sister’s body. I love her so, and am shocked by her biopsy results.

Thank you for all you have given me in these last weeks.



Dear God,

I pray for courage to confront the conflict in my work relationships with love

I pray for strength enough to support all the pain of others that I am called to witness

I pray for peace and unity – deep, abiding, healing



Please pray for

my ongoing sobriety

in the journey

of my recovery from

drugs and alcohol <3


May love conquer fear.

Amen and Amen.


Dear Lord,

Help me discern whether this love you have given me for another will continue to lift us up and make us the best versions of ourselves we can be or only end up causing more pain for him (who has already caused so much). If this is the second, help me find the strength to put his welfare over my own. Regardless, thank you for bringing his love into my life and thank you for all the other blessings you have bestowed on me.



Lord, help me to remember you more – I forget about you too often and I always feel the effects of that. Bring peace to all our hearts. I’m so thankful for the love that surrounds me.