Last Night at BSM

September 19, 2016

Rev. Andy Greenhow preached on reclaiming the biblical value of family through the lens of John 2:1-11. The reign of God has room for all sorts of families and the complications of human relationships. Jesus demonstrates this reality through his complex relationship with his mother, Mary, during the account of his first miracle at the wedding in Cana.

Listen to the sermon here.

The BSM community offered these prayers:

My prayer is for God to use my gifts and talents in an unexpected way for His Kingdom in my community of faith.


Please pray for:

****’s safety, peace, direction, vision, clarity as she makes her way in **** + life.

Me as I seek to grow in my position, lead + be what God has called me to be.


Please send Death Angel for me now

In Jesus Name I ask



Prayers for West Philadelphia in light of the recent shooting.


Prayers for the **** family as they go through a divorce.

Prayers for acceptance of things that I cannot change, and peace to get me through the challenges.



This world … it confuses & hurts my heart. Please make Your presence known, & help us to recognize You in our midst. Be w/ those who were shot in W. Philly this weekend. Mend bodies & hearts. Help me to be brave, to have the wisdom to know when to help & how, & when to be still.


Prayers for the physical & mental health of my family.

Thank you LORD Thank you Jesus Protect our police not only in Philadelphia but all of the United States especially now more than ever that 45 states are free to carry some states you don’t even need a license to carry!



-for ****’s smooth & speedy recovery of health

– for **** and ****’s emotional healing. That I’d know how to support them.

– For ****

– For the safety of **** + **** on their trip

For ****, ****, and everyone else involved in the **** effort – encouragement and cooperation.


Dear God-

Please, please, please bless the planning of our event. Let it be enough. Let me be enough.


Your daughter


Let me not be



Dear Lord,

My heart is full of thanks to you! Thank you for sending answers to my worries about my relationship, my heart is peaceful once more. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in Declarations of Belonging it has been a wonderful experience. And most of all, thank you for answering my prayers and sending my father’s cancer into remission!! Thank you for all the blessings you have given me & send me wisdom to find ways to pass them forward.

Alleluia & Amen!


Pray for my baby as she gives her everything for her big event.


I’m grateful to God for soooo many things! I ask you God to help me to have the faith in myself that you have in me!