Last Night at BSM

September 26, 2016

Reverend Omari Hughes, pastor of Church of the Redeemer Baptist, preached during BSM’s reclaiming biblical values series at a service with both worshiping communities. He spoke about the parable of the Good Samaritan in Luke 10:25-37 as a way to understand what radical reconciliation is like. Rev. Hughes challenged the congregation to ask themselves, “Do you know your neighbors?” and to enact radical reconciliation in their families, neighborhoods, churches, and work places. This kind of reconciliation requires us to give up something for the sake of each other, and be willing to move closer to one another. Rev. Hughes spoke about the need for true reconciliation that does not get caught up in history, but embodies forgiveness without conditions.

Music from Minister Tameka Ferebee of the Church of the Redeemer and their music ministry as well as music from the Broad Street music team reflected the celebratory and reflective nature of coming together in unity and hope.

Gathered prayers for the community this week:


For the speedy recovery & full recovery of my husband’s (****’s) sight. He’s been fighting off an infection & wound in his eye.


Help my unbelief.

Pray for healing in my marriage.


Stability & health


Settled into Philadelphia. Just moved.


Please continue to pray for both of my parents as they search for long term jobs.


Thankful for interim employment as I look for a job also.



My desire for prayer this week is for me (something I usually don’t do.) May God reveal Himself to me in new ways, may God help me clean-up my spills and messes, may God help me reconcile broken relationships, and live the life He calls me to live.


Pray for our young men & women. Pray to stop the violence. Pray for peace!!!


Friends, please pray for my older brother, ****, who is in the hospital. **** has multiple disabilities, and it’s never easy to figure out what’s going on when he has a medical problem. Currently, he’ll be having a colonoscopy and endoscopy. Please pray for him, my parents, and his aides during this phase of medical procedures.


I pray for radical reconciliation, starting with BSM and Church of the Redeemer!


A prayer of Thanksgiving for worshiping together with Pastor Hughes and the members of Church of the Redeemer Baptist. What a moving, blessed service.


Divorce is painful, sometimes tragic filled with anger. I pray for my 2 friends who are splitting up. I pray for my 2 friends who are splitting up. I pray for their hearts, broken & filled with anger. I pray that they may someday reconcile as friends.


Prays also for our country – its politics, policies & offenses.


Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

4 Rev. Omari Hughes

He was gr8.

Loved the bowtie a “fashion plate.”


Prayers for the physical and mental health of my family.

With gratitude to the leaders of BSM and Church of the Redeemer for giving us the opportunity to be together. I pray for healing in the United States & let it begin with me.


For **** – for comfort, healing


I’m tired.

But I’m happy.

Thank you for this day.

God, keep working in my life.


Please pray for my continued sobriety through this week


I pray for my sister **** and her partner **** as they move across the country to Seattle. I pray for healing as they leave friends and family behind and for new opportunities there. Amen.


Please pray for my marriage.

I need prayers to get out of the way and let God take over my life. I keep messing up.


Lord Jesus, I rejoice in Your name for bringing us together with Church of the Redeemer. THIS is the body of Christ. My soul needed this community and this hope. Amen.


Praying & working for radical reconciliation.


Prayers for **** as he explores who he is, & learns how to know God’s love in the midst of the world’s chaos, fear, & ugliness. Guard his heart & spirit. Guide his path.


Healing & salvation for ****


I am feeling full of anxiety and apprehension,

Dear God please fill me with your peace.


Thank you


Thank you


4 & 43! Eagles & his faith


Dear God,

Thank you for your loving presence in my life. Thank you for today’s service enriched by the people from Church of the Redeemer.


Heal this world with radical reconciliation. I pray for peace across the globe and on our city streets. I pray for healing from heartache for my daughter.



My prayer is that use myself continually & grow together in love


Prayer for healing for my marriage


For **** that she heals – for her family

Give them strength


For BSM & CRB its staff & congregants


For my mom as she continues to fade


For my sister that she continues to heal

For ****, **** & ****


For Philly, Charlotte, Tulsa and All cities


For ****!


For Black, white, toned, tanned lives may we live in peace together


For ****, **** & **** and their Mom & my friend ****