Last Night at BSM

October 3, 2016

Rev. Andy Greenhow preaches on the biblical value of obedience in light of the commands found in Matthew 28:16-20, the Great Commission. He unpacks obedience through the perspective of signs of outward grace. Andy invites the hearers to respond to God’s grace through enacting visible signs of grace in our relationships and in our communities.

Listen here.

The community welcomed a baby girl into the family of God through the sacrament of baptism, and celebrated her and her parents during a reception following worship.

The BSM community offers up the following prayers:


Thank you for prayers for my brother ****. He’s been discharged from the hospital.


Please continue to pray for my brother **** who’s still in the hospital! **** had surgery this Friday to remove an abscess that was preventing antibiotics from working, so hopefully they’ll be more effective now.


I pray for Fishtown and the children there. Please help them and help me be a better child to you.


Thanks for the miracle of ****

****’s dancing

The crumbling ceiling

All that chard though

This place, once again, and all of you


Please pray for my father, for his mental health, and please pray for me to make wise decisions in my relationships. Thank you.



Thank you for this little baby. Let her always know such peace. Let this community hold her, show her how loved and how worthy she is, and keep her until she is sent forth. Bless this sweet little babe, your beloved child.

Love you. Amen.


As I write this my sister **** is driving into her new home city in Seattle. I pray for abundance in this new phase of her life. I pray for my family’s health and I give thanks for my friend **** who preached her (excellent) first sermon today!