Last Night at BSM

October 17, 2016

For the second week of BSM Church’s stewardship series, Rev. Andy Greenhow preached on Mark 12:38-44, the story of the widow’s offering. In his sermon, “Bring Everything,” Andy challenged the congregation to bring all of who they are and all of what they have to the worshiping community and to their civic involvement.

Listen to the sermon here.

The prayers from the community:




I feel so lonely.


What if we could go one whole day without a single fear-based thought?

What if we listened more than we spoke?

What if we could truly die to our prejudices?

God, please transform our hearts and minds and world. And let it begin with me.


Too tired for eloquent prayers this week. I’m working hard this week and next week friends are visiting for my birthday. At the same time my grandmother’s health has gone very downhill so I’m praying for my family. There’s a job opportunity still up in the air at work and I’m trying to figure out what my goals are so …. prayers for all of that.

(I’m putting my name on this one. Being known is weird and scary.)


Prayers for **** and his

family <3 May they find

peace in knowing he is

with God <3


Prayers for 99 yr-old mother **** for health issues


Prayers for friends ill and in recovery:

-friend **** recently had a baby. She (mom) went through a lot of trauma. She is now home, and walking again. Baby healthy!

– friend ***** going through treatment for breast cancer.

– Friend ****’s mom is home from hospital. She was put in a coma and it looked bad but then she recovered. Pray for her fragile health.



Please be with my mom, and my dad, even though they are no longer married and have not been for a long time. They are both 89 yrs old and failing in different ways.

My mother in particular is in a precarious situation. Please let me know what to do and how to be there for her.

Thank you for looking over my son and the rest of my family – especially my husband.

Be with me also as I figure out which parts to take in the coming months.



God help


not sinning




Dear God-

Be with **** in all ways.



Be with me God.

Be with ****’s



Oh, God.

make your

Presence known.


I pray for the Lord’s leading in how to give of my life.

I pray also that I will not

Only be focused on myself,

But on what God is seeking.


Be with those

I Love & those I am

Striving to know to Love.


For our country. I am saddened by the candidates that have been put in front of us as a ‘choice.’

May we use our energy, time, & talents locally while the media & political parties have their way with us. For our country but more importantly for our community.


Please pray for **** who is in **** in NJ.


More and more people see God’s presence and look at BSM.


A prayer for understanding and enlightenment.