Last Night at BSM

November 7, 2016

In the final installment of our 2016 stewardship series, Rev. Andy Greenhow preaches on the relational dynamics among Obadiah, Amos, and Elijah in 1 Kings 18:1-16. It is not whether we participate in broken systems, but how we participate that matters.

Listen here.

Prayers for the community:


If Stevie Wonder sang “Don’t Worry ‘Bout A Thing,” he might have been thinking about me since I tend to do the opposite. From the election, to our children, to our society to our family finances, to our aging parents to our aging automobiles- I worry about everything. Please pray that I could break the addiction of worry/anxiety with God’s help and provision!


Prayers that my boyfriend’s parents would be more affirming of our and other LGBTQ relationships.


Please pray for me to be the best father I can for my two young children and a thought, loving leaders for my school.


Please pray for:

  1. Our country
  2. My daughter **** as she continues to find her way
  3. Me, that I may be more connected to myself and details of my life


I pray for relief from depression, anxiety and loneliness, and protection from my ex-wife.


God, thank you for the bonds that keep us together. Thank you for being there in the darkest of times & places; please help us to remember you & your presence always. Be with our nation, help us to be your people.

For ****, for **** + for BSM

For this Country- that those elected have the good sense to heal the masses + not grab at more power.

For my mom + her smile. For Joy! For gratitude!

For her caretakers

For my lovey- on her ‘39th‘ Birthday!

For ****, ****, **** + ****

For **** that he is comfortable

Let Love win.

The hate & fear that are rampant right now are very real signs of our brokenness.

Heal us.

Be w/ **** as he bravely forges his own path. Help me to support & love him w/o getting in the way.

Be w/ **** & **** as they prepare for their next journey. Enforce how loved & appreciated they are. Strengthen BSM, remind us that we are yours, this place is yours, & Shalom is possible.

Let Love win.

Prayers for discernment of God’s plans.

God have mercy on me-

Please guide me and all of creation this week as we elect the leader that you would have as president. Please love me and remind me thru little ways how I can love and serve you.





Prayers for the worshipping community- with much hope, gratitude, & joy.

For our country & the energy to engage when I’m able.

For faith team (& **** & ****!)