Last Night at BSM

November 14, 2016

Rev. Andy Greenhow preaches on Luke 21:5-19 on the Sunday following the election. Active resistance to empire is in the historical fabric of the Christian tradition. Christianity was co-opted by the empire and has become a perverted version of what it originally was. As disciples, we must heed the model Christ and the early church offers to resist evil and to become a people who understand discipleship costs us something.

BSM celebrated the baptism of one of its young disciples on Sunday. Fulfilling the baptismal commitment to this person is one way BSM’s community engages in the resistance to evil and empire.

Listen here.

Prayers from the community:


I am prayer for the pastor not to go but show that if he go God will protect and guide him

Prayer for empathy to be present in this country. That minorities will be respected, loved and treated as equals.

Prayer that everyone truly feels like a child of God

Prayer that in time of change, I will rely on God for comfort and not other outlets.

Prayer for me- fear and hate I have witnessed in my heart this week

Prayer for the water protectors

Prayer for resistance. Doing this with community, friends, family, and for boldness to make meaningful connections with new people.

Prayers for women, people of color, LGBTQ folks, Muslims, First Nations people, children, and mother earth as well as anyone else who is experiencing fear, anxiety or may experience adverse effects of this election. Prayers for courage and grace for all of them as well.

Lord- have mercy. Bring justice. I’m going through the stages of shock, anger, rage, sorrow, and glimmers of hope. At times I’m speechless. Others, I want to spit out my angriest, most vile words.

Lord, I am comfortable. Ready me to pay the cost of being your disciples. Move me to resistance. Don’t let me shrink back in fear and despair.

How do I talk to those who voted for Trump? Is there any point in trying to make them see?

Thank you for this community. Thank you for **** and his message. Thank you, Lord, for showing up even when I doubt.

Please pray that I might see more of the love of God in the world and not forget what it looks like.

For ****, ****, **** and all at BSM to shepherd us through this time.

For all of our churches that we take responsibility for our brothers & sisters

For **** – may God surround her with his compassionate love & tender care.

Please be with my uncle **** – please give him strength for the future

Please be with my sister and help her discern her future

Prayers for love, hope and resistance.

For **** and the Word he proclaimed…

For the beauty of ****…

For this community of folks who work so hard to love you and all people…

For the way this place was a catalyst for God to change my life and make me the person and the pastor I am today… I give eternal, immense thanks to you, God of love

Prayers for reconciliation in my family

Dear Lord,

This week has shaken me to my core. I am so grateful for the BSM community. I know in the days to come this place & these people will stand together & that comforts. Grant me the strength to be a disciple, now that it will cost something.

For all the blessings you have bestowed on me, thank you. I will to to use them to do the most good that I can, for as long as I can.


Dear God,

I pray for safety and respect for all under siege.

I pray for strength to speak out against hatred.

And on a personal note, I pray for my son and daughter in law. Grant them courage, strength, and healing as they seek to have a baby. Amen.


Please be with our country, we are so lost, and in danger.

Please look after my mother.

Please be with **** – as she faces her health challenges.

Please be with my dad.

Help me know what to do.

Thank you for family, friends, and BSM. Amen.

I pray for wisdom to determine how to lean into upcoming conversations regarding our polarized country.

I pray for openness, honesty, trust and love during those conversations.

Please pray for the transition @ BSM and a time of sanity in the country.

Please pray for me as I continue to talk to people about the election of Trump and the kind of world we want to live in, that I will be loving, honesty, and not give up.

I ask for prayers and support to navigate through conversation with my biological family about the recent election results. We will need love and kindness, and as much understanding as possible.

For resilience

defiant hope

a direction to unfold

Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus

Give us strength to get us through … to my friends in South Sudan & Syria be strong to those in New Zealand safety to my Doctors without Borders safety and love for caring so much.

Dear God,

I don’t know how to pray when I feel anger and futility. Please show me you’re here and that what’s happening in this place matters. I love you.

For those in the congregation that are hurting.

For our country, our city, our neighbor

For All of us to remember the words of JFK – ‘Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country’ and of all our city, our neighbors & congregation.

For **** today as he grows into a man.


Thank you for ****, ****, & ****. Your faithfulness is felt on this day.

I love you.


Pray for everything!