Last Night at BSM

November 29, 2016

Rev. Sammie Evans began the Advent sermon series, “Embodying the Leadership of Christ,” with 1 Kings 19:1-15, the account of Elijah’s encounter with God in the wilderness. Advent is a time of longing and anticipation. In this season at BSM Church, the Advent sermon series responds to this season by exploring the kind of leader we are waiting for in the person of Christ. In her sermon, Sammie reminds us that God does not give us a place of safety in order to hide from God’s call on our lives. Rather, this is to renew us so we can respond to God. Knowledge and reverence of the Lord begins with stillness, and ends with us being sent out.

Listen here.

Prayers for the community:


Pray for all who feel adrift, depressed or without direction. This could likely range from **** to BSM hospitality guests. From rich and famous like **** who wrote of lifelong battles with depression to young people being accepted/waitlisted & denied to colleges to unemployed experiencing the same in their job searches. The storm rages around so many around the world. Will the Prince of Peace again say, “Peace! Be still.” ?


I ask for prayer for depression and anxiety and I pray for my daughter’s chipped tooth to get better.



My tooth got chip and I spraned my gum.

And I want it to hurt.

And get out of school.


Remember the President Elect ****.

My future remarriage.

My studies at Biblical Theological Seminary – 2 years

My continued paying my creditors to become debt free


Dear Lord, thank you for all you provide for me on a daily basis, comforts of house and home, my family and friends, my vocation. Help me to be a good steward of your blessings, open my eyes and heart to your will, show me your love and mercy and help me to do your work in the lives I touch. Amen.


I pray that my family this season learns to accept me fully for who I am and what I stand for.


Dear God,

I would like to pray for my friend as he graduates this semester and is waiting to hear back from a dream position. I ask that you hold him in your prayers until he receives the good news.

In your name I pray, Amen.


I pray for rescue and help to all the people who are having major risks to their life and well-being, especially those who’s troubles are being overlooked or ignored.

Prayers for personal peace and direction

Please pray for me, that after the election and the feeling that people I know and care about have betrayed me that I will learn how to channel those feelings into something more beneficial.


Dear God,

November is a hard month for me. I haven’t spoken to my dad in 3+ years, and his birthday was on Saturday. It’s also a month of personal loss and change historically. God, let me feel your presence. I feel lonely and I feel my dad’s absence even more this week. I love you.



God I’ll

Listen for your






In all the

Bells and bells

Of mindfulness



I am having trouble knowing what is real and what is an illusion. Hate and fear are everywhere I turn. Yet there are also people totally unaware of what is going on around them. I have stilled myself and am waiting to hear from you. Where do I go? What do I do? Who do I surround myself with? In this season of waiting and anticipation, here I am.


Please pray that I receive all the victories in Psalms 109 and Psalms 22 as well as Psalms 116. These victories are not just for me but my family and friends too. Also Psalms 65;66 and 138 as well as Psalms 37 and Job 22. Also Isaiah 19:21 on us all too.


I ask for prayer for all the thoughts, doubts, and hopes in my being to be sorted and find rest in God.

I pray for God’s divine intervention to battle my addiction

I can’t do it myself



I am uneasy and restless. I yearn to be at peace, to be still, to be content. Fill me with your spirit.



Please pray for those who are caught in the trap of addiction, especially ****.

Please be with my sister on her journey spiritually and physically.

Please be with my family and help us with our anxiety through the holidays


Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Pray for the safety of our city, leaders, police officers, EMTs, fire fighter, 1st responders, citizens, and BSM.


For BSM- For ****, for ****, For ****.

For our Congregation that it comes together and remains united in its mission

For our city, our country and its citizens that they see the good in things and all is not lost (we ****.

For my mom

For **** and his roommates **** and ****

For **** that he finds some peace as he mourns his 23 year old daughter ****.

May God bless him


Today I pray again for ****—as she continually recovers from her brain tumor- which is going to involve more surgery. Please God be with my son, my husband and I, all of our family and our friends and the whole world. Amen.