Last Night at BSM

June 29, 2015

4CD0F465-4B21-47C2-B68B-66C5F84C1BA04289381D-A470-46E9-AF68-95D31F494786“Moreover, I am cognizant of the interrelatedness of all communities and states. I cannot sit idly by in Atlanta and not be concerned about what happens in Birmingham. Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly. Never again can we afford to live with the narrow, provincial “outside agitator” idea. Anyone who lives inside the United States can never be considered an outsider anywhere within its bounds.”
– Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in Letter from a Birmingham Jail, addressed to white clergy

Last night, Rev. Andy Greenhow brought a word from Mark 5:21-43 on Jairus’ daughter and the hemorrhaging woman. Continuing the subject of Charleston, Andy showed that Jesus’ presence in the world means that the healing of marginalized people does not come at the expense of healing of privileged people. Our idea that the raising up of some must necessarily mean the holding down of others is impoverished thinking; scarcity thinking. In fact, Mark communicates the idea to us formally and in content that our healing is intertwined with one another. We can’t have one story without the other. We can’t have the uplift of one without the uplift of another. If you missed the sermon or would like to hear it again, you can listen to it here.

Tony Moore and the Montley Crew led us in a joyous time of worship. We sang some of the greats like Ain’t That Good News, John Legend’s Wake Up Everybody, Jimmy Cliff’s No JusticeI Need You to SurvivePrecious Lord, Take My Hand, and We Are Family.

For our offering our community offered these, our psalms of the street, to God:

My niece ***** fiancé ***** and his brother ***** were in a motorcycle accident. ***** was killed. ***** is in a medically-induced coma. ***** sits at his side with their four month old son on her lap. God’s mercy on that family. Strength and hope for *****.


My grandmother had a mini stroke about two months ago, and I haven’t been able to talk to her much. I truly believe in the power of prayer. And I believe that’s why she’s still here. When she is strong I am strong. BSM family, please help me pray for her.


I thank God that my children and I have gotten to July after this long year.

I think God that marriage is available to everyone in our country.


***** – please pray that she will be safe, have sustenance and faith for her job search journey – It isn’t over yet.

Me – love, work, finances.

My Cousins – *****, *****, as they mourn the loss of husband and father.


I pray that I will fear scarcity less, and rather give abundantly and creatively.

I also pray for ***** and *****, and ***** and *****, friends of mine who are getting married this month.


God, please return all curses, spells, enchantments, and black magic on all the minds, bodies, souls, and spirits of my soulmate and me (*****) and my children, *****, *****, *****, and *****, back to all senders 7000 times fold now and forevermore in Jesus name I ask please pray this daily for us.

Thanx God Bless You


Please be with ***** and guide him to the help he needs.

Please be with ***** and *****. Please help ***** become the man you have created him to be.

Please help open *****’s mind and heart.

Please be with my family and friends in their travels.

God bless Montley Order Choir!


Help me



I am in need of

Continual restoration



Help me let





I am giving thanks for the healing I am receiving, my continuing healing. I am giving thanks to be a part of BSM. May God continue to use us to continue his works in this community.


That we may all know deeply our interconnectedness in this world, that our liberations are all tied up together. God, would you bring healing both personal and systemic to this world.

Prayers for *****, gratitude that we got to spend time together this week. It was restorative.

For ***** and our program this summer.


My wife’s health insurance runs out in a few days. Help us navigate what to do next.


For friends like family. For understanding anxiety/depression.


Lord, in everyone I meet – everyone – help me see that I need that person to survive. Show me how we are intertwined. Help me learn from those who seek help from me. Remind me that you are enough for all of us. There is grace and freedom for the privileged and the oppressed.



Pray for us in our work to serve those who labor for God’s Word.


Loving God,

I need grace, peace, and patience this week. Guide me, hold me, and keep me. Allow me to act in gentleness to all who cross my path. I love you for all you are.




I feel anxious and unsure. I don’t know why. I think I’m feeling incomplete? Unbalanced? Not whole? I don’t know what it is that I need. Help me discern. Help me be a better leader. Help me to feel whole.



Prayers for my mother’s back, for her healing, and peace, and ability to move about.



Thank you so much for everything you have done for me recently. I am grateful and can barely believe it. Please help me to remain cognizant of how lucky I am and not take it for granted. Please also help me with the anxiety and self-direction. Please help me to do your will and help others.


Kindly pray for me. Thank you.


Find a more meaningful vocation.


Dear God,

I lift up to you prayers of comfort, peace, and trust for the families affected by the terroristic attack near Lyons, France.

Be with them in mourning, but I pray that you guide them through it in love and grace. In your name,




Please be present with the ***** family – *****, *****, *****, *****, and *****. Allow *****’s young smile to beam down on them from above. Love us all.



Almighty God!

Thank you for creating humans, as broken as we have become, thank You for giving us a chance to love. Please overflow Your perfect love, peace, and joy to all those in Israel, specifically over the Palestinians, yet remember the Jews in Your mercy.



Thank You for granting me a life that is good. Grant me the strength to remember the blessings I have been given, and help me to pass on those blessings to those less happy.



Dear Lord,

Thank you for leading me to peace, salvation, and forgiveness. Thank you for washing me with your grace and paving a pat for me to live sure-footed in gratitude. I love you more!


Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.