Last Night at BSM

December 19, 2016

For the last week of our Advent, Michele Ward preaches on Isaiah 11:1-10 and the prophecy of the coming king. Executing justice looks like peace. For that to happen, know what’s going on – call a stump a stump. Be honest about the state of the world right now, but still have hope for a new future. Join God in the work God is already doing to bring the peace Isaiah talks about – the peace that brings wholeness, restoration, and justice. The child is coming, has come, and will come again to lead us.

Listen here.

Prayers from the gathered community:

I pray for help with fear, sorrow and worry. I really need hope and peace. Thank you, ****.
****’s brother, ****, is back in **** with pneumonia. He may or may not have a recurrence of his multiple myloma. **** has 2 cousins fighting cancer: **** has an inoperable brain tumor and **** has newly diagnosed melanoma. Our parents continue to struggle with the challenges of old age. Others in our family struggle with addictions and employment issues. Our niece **** died at age 19 several years ago in early December, so the Christmas season has been hard for **** ever since. As **** just said, we are “looking ahead desperately.”
Please pray for me as I continue to battle debilitating procrastination in my personal life and that I may be strengthened in my hope and self-acceptance.
Please pray for my **** that she may experience God’s bounty in all areas of her life.
I desperately need peace and freedom from fear today and in the coming weeks. Thankful for this space that I can count on every week.
I don’t want to fight. I’m afraid to fight. I don’t feel strong enough. I’m afraid for our country and the world and I’m afraid to pray for strength to fight. I want love to be enough.
Dear God,
Thank you for this season of waiting. Bring healing to relationships in my life. Help my partner and I make ends meet. I need your coming to be one of joy and restoration this year. I love you.
Me light
And sustain
I don’t know
You know
I’m here waiting
And listening.
For BSM as they continue to grieve
For **** struck down and killed in Philly by a distracted driver
For her parents and their broken hearts.
For ****, ****, ****, **** and **** may they rest in peace
For my mom as she fades
For **** and his roommates
For my family, my city, my country, may we find ways for 7.5 billion to live in harmony together
Dear Father,
Please save us on Wednesday and everyday
Please bless ****, ****, and little ****.
I put my faith in you, Lord
Your daughter, ****
Dear Holy God,
You were born, lived, and died among us; thank you for choosing us to dwell amongst. Lord show me and each of us how we can dwell in Shalom with one another. You are so worthy to be praised. Help me to shine my light God. Amen.
Please keep my son safe as he drives home from college with his friend. Please be with them and keep them both safe. Be with my mother in her frail health. Help me to know what to do. Watch over and intervene in Allepo. And thank you, Amen.
I am anticipating “the next” … looking at all that is going on in my own sphere and the world around me, feeling ready for the next chapter, ready to grow, to help to move. Please pray for me as I discern school decisions for **** and as I work to discern my relationship w/ **** … trying to see the way forward. Praying for a home. Praying for this community and its role in the city, state, and world.
I’m so thankful that my **** is okay. May she continue in health and recovery! I pray that **** continues in her sobriety- I’m thankful for every day of it so far. May my mom have strength, hope, health and joy always. Thank you Lord for all your blessings, always!
Dear God,
Breathe life into me- into us.
Slow me down.