Last Night at BSM

February 23, 2017

Rev. Sammie Evans preached a sermon titled “Holy Like Your God Is Holy” on Leviticus 19:1-2, 9-18 this past Sunday. Holiness for humanity is tied up with the holiness of all of creation, especially the natural world. None of are holy until all of us are holy. Our holiness is bound up in one another and in the created world.

Listen here.

Prayers of the gathered community:

Please pray for ****, as she begins the healing process after a recent heartbreak (bf broke up w/her). May she have clarity in hope moving forward in her life. Me. A former employee has impugned my integrity and my reputation while trying to qualify for unemployment. She has also filed a discrimination complaint against me. I am angry, hurt, insulted, sad. I need God’s help.

Please pray for people wrestling with chronic physical, emotional or psychological pain. Please pray for all who struggle with addictions. Pray for high school and college seniors preparing for graduation and major transitions. Pray for the unemployed and underemployed as well as the overworked. Please pray for those in gov’t for the wisdom and compassion to make good decisions. Please pray for the very old and the very young and for the dispossessed—all who are so vulnerable. God hear our prayers.

Friend recently diagnosed with Stage 5 colon cancer. **** is younger than me. He has a great deal of loving and organized support. And is undergoing chemo. Tho anything could happen, the prognosis is not good

I pray for my friend ****, for safe travels for her in Senegal and Rwanda. I pray for our country with the coming intensifying ICE raids. I pray for help with my anxiety. Thank you.

It’s been a minute God. But how wonderful, how marvelous, that you are unwavering and steadfast. Your goodness and your love is beyond me, let me never try to understand for the sake of understanding but to dive in headfirst, and spread it to all despite my shortcomings and inherent flaws. You are my God, You are God. Amen.

Dear God, Please heal my mother’s headaches. She is really stressed about her upcoming trial with my dad on 3/3. Also,
heal my father-in-law. He is sick again in the Shanghai and far from family. I love you. Amen.

Dear God, lately, I’ve been so thankful for everything. Please be with my husband as he starts a new job. As always, please watch over my son. And be with me as I find a new way. Amen.

For the health of **** and ****.

Thank you Lord Thank you Jesus May you bless and care for **** while she is in the hospital.

Please be with my sister as she is trying to find herself. Please be with my friend **** and give him strength and courage on his journey.

Oh, my God.

What a ride.

Thank you.

Keep teaching me how to love myself.

How to love you and your people.


Dear God- It does not feel well with my soul. Help me to use my voice, my talents, and my faith in you—to trust you, O God. Until it is well. Amen.