Last Night at BSM

March 1, 2017

Devin Johns preaches on the Transfiguration of Jesus (Matthew 17:1-9) in her sermon “Spreadsheets and Faith.” The transfiguration is not only about Jesus, but also about us, too. It’s about the blurry line between faith and knowledge, and “how meager a consolation it [knowledge] has been all along” (Scott Cairns, “Sacred Time”). The Transfiguration changes us, challenges us to risk in the place where knowledge is safe, and invites us into the unknown where the miraculous occurs.

Prayers of the gathered community:


Former recently diagnosed with cancer.

He is young and dealing with a rough divorce of his parents as well.

I am grateful to God for our new cat and how much he is making us happy. I pray for my friend Karen, for travel safety while she is in Africa. Thank you.

My financial situation changed this week, and I’m pretty freaked out. I’d appreciate prayers for reduced anxiety, increased faith in God’s goodness, and wisdom about next steps for my job and career.

Dear Lord,

Please grant my mother strength as she keeps fighting her cancer. Be with my father as he cares for her and grant them peace. Thank you for the blessings you have granted me and help me use them to help others in this city and country.


Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Prayers for **** now in hospice for care and constant peace to her son ****

Prayers for relationships in my family. Prayers for all of my relationships.

Peace to

The doubting

Peace to the


Make me an


Of your peace

Please help give me patience and strength this week

Please be with my friends **** and **** as they deal with ****’s dad’s cancer diagnosis

I need prayer that I would be sparked into action rather than complacency.

Prayers for me

For this Lent

Season there

Are many things

I would like to

Give up.

Almighty God,

Protect us. Do not let hate stop us from being the beings you created us to be. Do not let hate destroy us. Make us strong and resilient. You are God. True healing. True love. Let us walk every moment in that. I love you so much.


Faith is fleeting

Doubt is taking over

Viewing and living in the world

Today fosters more doubt

Prayers for a broken, divided and hurting society