Last Night at BSM

March 14, 2017

Rev. Michele Ward preaches the second week of Lent on “Gospel Love” in John 3:1-17. Nicodemus comes to Jesus seeking answers to questions. Instead of answering the question he wants answered, Jesus invites Nicodemus to see and to enter the kingdom. The kingdom is here, in our very midst, in the thin places where heaven and earth meet. Jesus came to save the world, and not to bring condemnation. As we accept the invitation into the thin places of our lives, God waits for us there, ready with love that is big enough for the whole world.

Listen here.

The prayers of the gathered community:


I would like prayer that I would turn to God with my anxiety and be open with others to ask for assistance when needed.

A prayer of hope and joy for the new consultation position teaching food literacy to high school and middle school students, and for the continued hunt for more part-time work.

I cry out that God may bless me and enlarge my territory. May His hand be with me, and keep me from harm so that I can be free from pain and hunger.

Love and Bless

Peace be with you.

Please pray for me to allow God to flow into my mind and heart in a way that God controls, not me. Like many, I’m addicted to control in my life and am chronically fearful of ceding that control to God. Please pray for my brother, ****, who just informed me that he has asked his wife **** for a divorce. Pray for my cousins **** and ****, and my brother-in-law ****, all going through chemotherapy.

Pray for the homeless and mentally ill also the unemployed domestic violence victims

Dear God,

Please continue to shine on baby **** and the **** family. Please bless ****, ****, Aunt ****, ****, Mom and Dad. Thank you for our celebration please shine upon them and heal my relationship with ****.

All my love, ****

I pray for ultimate rest this week. I pray that **** may continue to heal from her appendicitis. I ask for pray for ****, **** and **** as they search for jobs.


Prayers for ****’s grandmother as she recovers from her surgery. Please keep her pain at bay and please help the family to come together to care for her.




(to you and everyone)


God, please be in the thin places of my marriage


Healing for a nagging injury

Well, God, you’ve done it again

I love you


Dear God, I’m grateful for these people and this place. Thank you for the kingdom here and for this thin place. Open me to the moments where heaven meets earth. I love you. Amen.

I pray for the Lord to make me an instrument of his peace.

Prayers for peace and health in my family. Prayers for all refugees and immigrants.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Let’s sing

Precious Lord

Take my hand

Thank you

Thank you, God, for the tremendous and always growing and deepening love that is so present in my life! Help me to manifest your love in my every thought, feeling, and action. I pray for healing in ****’s and my mother’s relationships and for ****’s sobriety.