Last Night at BSM

April 10, 2017

Last night at BSM, Rev. Sammie Evans preached on the oppression of being human. Our task as human beings– as Christian human beings– is to start with the person is front of us, restoring dignity. Systems need to be dismantled, yes, but start with the human being in front of us.

Prayers of the gathered community:

For my **** for her healing as she gets over a break-up. For her new job search

For me. For my healing as I work through heartbreak and my encouragement as I deal with a difficult time as work

For ****. Strength or her as she takes care of her son’s 2 new babies.

Please pray for the liberation of Easter and the power of Pentecost to transform my mind and body, those of my immediate and extended family, of our city, state, and world. This has been an oppressive week of being human.

Please pray that God would redeem my faith in a surprising, restorative way and lead my family in His way and comfort.

Does God hear these prayers? I feel very disappointed- like Mary and Martha and Lazarus’ death. They never dreamed that Jesus would raise their brother the way he did. He did and planned all along.

I’m noticing more fear stopping me from everyday things and bigger things.

I am thankful that my hand surgery went well and that I am doing great and am happy!

Please pray that **** gets better and help her with her new walker.


Pray for **** (women and LGBTQ students particularly) through ****’s lecture this week. For faculty and administrative discernment.

For BSM through transition and for staff stamina through Holy Week.

For my mama, who is wrapping up real estate school this week!

Domestic violence




I am so sad about the state of my family, near and far. Please be with me as I figure out how to go forward, and what to say, what to do.


Peace and

Safety to ****

And ****


To all who need it

Dear God,

Thank you for my husband’s promotion. Thank you for giving us always enough. Continue to give me enough light to find my way vocationally. Praise be to you for sunshine and sleep. I love you.



I just don’t know.

I’m sick of now knowing.

Maybe I do know, just don’t yet believe.

Damn it. Will this cycle ever end?              I love you.


I pray for my sister finding a new job, for my best friend **** getting to a better living situation, for peace and justice in the world.

Dear Lord,

Thank you for sending me to Broad St. Ministry! Help me to ease the burdens of those who come to this place, as they have eased mine. Thank you for all the blessings you have given to me today and every day. Amen.

Guide my every breath in your world. Help me to breathe deeply yet still find rest and comfort in your presence. I love you.

Thank you Lord

Thank you Jesus

Please lay your hands on **** and give her strength as she lives each day. If you can give the doctors knowledge about her infection so they can treat her and restore her health. Thank you.

Thank you for the words from the pastors today and from ****. Please help to show me how to love myself better.

I am struggling with my current job/vocation. Please give me patience while I search for a new job. Please keep my eyes open for anything you may be showing me along the way.