Last Sunday at BSM

July 5, 2016

Last Sunday, Sammie preached on how our call to have dominion over creation is not to be characterized by coercion or force. For the earth was not created that we might exploit it for our own purposes–rather, we were created so that we might care for it. Our creaturely responsibility is to steward, cultivate, and beautify creation, as well as oppose the systems that would undermine these aims.

John Francis and the Amen Corner led us in soulful renditions of Joni Mitchell’s “Woodstock,” Sarah Harmer’s “Escarpment Blues,” “Mary Don’t You Weep,” and “Morning Has Broken.”

Our community also offered the following prayers:

             Please pray for:-The B**** family as they mourn the loss of their wife & mother, E****

-For D***** safety as she travels to California, I’d love her to come back East in one piece.

-For me, as I re-center after a tough week at work…blindsighted  by disregard


For the guidance of God in determining my identity and purpose. Also, for rain to water the earth!


Lots of sadness I see everywhere. Only through Christ do I see hope.


Prayers for the physical & mental health of my family.


God, I pray for P**. You know what she needs – please rest upon her, give her peace & guidance. I pray for my brother. Please heal him. Amen.


Prayers for my friend J***** who has just returned home from the hospital after major surgery for cancer. May she recover quickly, with her health restored.


Thank you Jesus

Thank you Jesus 4 singing Holy, Holy, Holy

As we celebrate independence day, may we celebrate FREEDOM and may it be for all, here and abroad.


The past couple weeks I haven’t known what to pray for or how. I don’t know where to see God in the world the way it is. What are my prayers supposed to do?

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