Last Sunday Night at BSM

May 26, 2015

gleanersLast Sunday Night, April 24th, 2015, Rev. David Norse preached on Pentecost.  Our text was Acts 2:1-21.  The sermon was titled “speaking in the native language of each.” David explored the different ways the Holy Spirit empowers us to hear the Good News of God’s love in the language and ways closest to our hearts, that we can understand, from music & the visual arts, to poetry, to a home cooked meal from a loved one, to raising our voices in protest.

Sarah and Malchijah rocked the music last Sunday.  We sang the BSM favorite Bring Em All In, and a new favorite Aretha Franklin’s Spirit in the Dark. We listened to the soulful strains of Tracy Chapman’s Save Us All, and it wouldn’t be a church service at BSM with out a little Stevie Wonder.  This week we heard a new one for BSM, Stevie Wonder’s As.

For our offering our community offered these, our psalms of the street, to God


I ask God to send me all angels in Heaven to help me exit the matrix now in Jesus Christ name I ask…Please pray this daily for me! *****


I would like to payer to remember to pray for my own work life

For me to rely on God for strengthening relationships with clients

For peace with coworkers


Seeking call to enter seminary

Seeking to get out of debt

Seeking to love more like Jesus

Seeking to serve others for Jesus sake

Seeking to self-care

Seeking to understand God’s will in my life

Seeking to be a comforted the bereaved


Dear god~

Please be with me as I move through my recovery. Please help me sort through the advice I’m being given. Thank you.




Prayers for the big move, jobs and internships are always appreciated. Oh! And finding a church. In return—we will keep BSM and the wonderful leadership in our prayers.  We love you all! Thank you for everything! #goodbyesaretheworst


Dear God,

I want you to kill me. Please kill me today. I hate being alive. I hate being depressed. I hate how everyone wants me to take care of myself. I hate how they keep giving me advice and won’t just let me be depressed. Why won’t they just let me feel what I feel? I don’t know why anyone loves me. I fuck everything up. I forget and I disappoint and I ignore and I fail. Please kill me so it can be over.


I ask that the Lord bless the union of my brother, ***** and *****, that they will be fulfilled and enriched by each other, will continue to grow and will continue to be a testament to God’s love. I thank God for *****, his steadfastness and love. I pray that we continue to grow and enrich each other.



I am nervous about the future. I am unsure of my ability. I pray you have actually called me to do this. Calm my anxiety. Help me discern what I want/need.



I feel so much better. Thank you, God. Prayers for *****, *****, *****, *****, *****and *****, *****, *****.


Companion God,

Help me to find my place here. I’m surrounded by love and beauty, help me to embrace and accept it. And please be with those who are always in my hearth but not by my side.



Lord, watch over me as I take the time to remember all the blessings you have given me. Help me to remember that you have given me all that I need.




I am having money problems again. Help me to figure out what to do, pleeeease. And more than that God, I am deeply worried about my son. Help me to know what to do for him. Be with him, please.



Prayers for continued healing of my mothers back. Prayers for the homeless and the traumatized.

Every Sunday after worship, we also have community engagement groups.  These groups are a great way to get to know people, maybe learn something about yourselves, one another, and/or God, and get to know a few more peoples’ names.  Last Sunday we had a Sermon discussion group with Mark Miller and a conversation about the dangers of Nationalism with Rev. Andy Greenhow.

Broad Street Ministry is a broad-minded faith community committed to extending radical hospitality and creating a spiritual home for all, especially those who feel like they don’t belong anywhere else. For more information click here.