Last Night at BSM

April 27, 2015

4.26.15Last Night Rev. David Norse preached on John 20:24-28, and spoke about the importance of doubt as a practice of faith that leads us to beliefs that are true.  You can hear the sermon, Belief, Faith, and Doubt, here:

John Francis led us in Hold On (Eyes On the Prize), My City of Ruins by Bruce Springsteen,  I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For by U2, What if God Was One of Us by Eric Bazilian, and this classic from Pedro the Lion, The Secret of the Easy Yoke.

Our community then offered the following prayers to God as our Psalms of the Street

Pray for my relationship with my family, especially my mother. I was recently outed as gay and have since been struggling with my family’s homophobic beliefs.

The last time I wrote one of these there was a lot of confusion in my life. I was begging God for the answers and knowledge. It’s amazing how God works. If you ask it shall be received. God showered me with blessings. I’m so grateful things here completely turned around. Thank you Lord! The world needs to know how great God is!

I’m transitioning out my household, because I need to separate myself for the time being from my mother who cannot accept me being. I pray that I make a smooth transition to a new place where I can be at peace with myself and be surrounded by people who love me unconditionally.

For my grandmother to have a heart softened and opened to the oppression many face. To look at her white privilege and not become defensive but to listen. Prayers for ***** to grow and love and be full.

Dear Lord,

Please bless ***** that she can get unstuck. Please give ***** and ***** the word they need from you to move their lives forward and into your light. Please bless all of our paths. Heal the broken hearts and encourage us all.

I’m so excited for new opportunities, but it means I’ll have to leave my established community and that’s giving me time of doubt. I’m also doubting my relationship, and I have lots of questions but I know and will answer them somehow.

God please help me get my life back in order.


Prayers for ***** as he moves to DC!

Prayers in celebration for ***** and *****!

Prayers that I would explore my questions and doubts and not fear them.

Please pray for ***** (who is dating)…for her safety and her health and her happiness.


Dear God,

Please be with my teenage son as he makes his way, finds his way. And thank you for my friend *****.


Dear God,

I pray for all the staff and clients at my workplace. Guide us and make us whole. Support everyone through this time of leadership transition so that your will is done in this small corner of your kingdom on earth.


Thank you. Keep doing what your doing BSM! Pray for those around the world who are in need of love, need of help.

Thanks to God for good art and good weather, for the incredible progress I’ve made in the past year and for friends and support. I pray for my family, especially for my sister and her relationships, and for all of the things I have to get done in the next month and a half.


For *****during her time of pregnancy.

For the people of Yemen.

For courage to keep writing my book.


Pray continued blessing on the life and career of *****.

Pray safety and wisdom for *****.

Prayers for my mother’s back problem.

I pray for all those who doubt—pray with thanks for their doubt and for grace and comfort for all. May God be present with all those around the world, for those in Nepal and places suffering in the midst of natural disasters. I pray God fills our global family with love and strength.


Dear G-D,

Again I come to you with my prayers. Let my friends and foe’s be well. Please keep your eye’s open for my son to family and friends. Thank you, ME.



Thanks for sin

And for making

a world where

I can safely sin

Where I can

aim and miss

Safe and already


And for when I

don’t aim or

aim wrong or


Thanks for grace.

It’s a stumbling

life and I’m

grateful for it


Thank you for opening back up my conversation with God. I thought I was too cynical or “smart” for this but it has been very helpful.


Please extend Your tangible grace, love, and mercy to us all.


For *****—as we gather to celebrate her life, I pray and would like to ask that we all pray for her spirit to be at rest. That all who are suffering are at peace and will be comforted through your love and grace each day Lord.

For *****—that her heart, mind, and body are aligned in this next stage of life, that she is guided in this next stage of life, that she is guided to a decision that glorifies you. For my mom—her health and patience during her busy time at work. For the world and mine.

For my brother and my sister and *****—my mom, my dad and myself—that our eyes will be open to what needs to be changed and that we have the courage to take the steps to change. Guide us with your grace and love and allow it to transform and mold it to how you see fit. All to glorify you.

Please give ***** the peace she needs right now. Please be with my brother and family through their challenges and frustrations. Please be with *****—give her the strength she needs right now. Please with *****and her family—let her hear your words. Please be with *****. Please be with *****.

I’m in hell right now. I pray that the anguish and the fire will be purging, not punishing. I pray that the fire will teach me how to desire and how to enjoy God’s kingdom. I pray that I will learn the way out of isolation and into community. I pray that I will learn how to receive love from all God’s people. And I pray that the love I receive will be enough.

Like Thomas, I desire a physical encounter with the Real Jesus. Unlike Thomas, I want Jesus to touch my scars and erase them all.



16 yrs old

Has return home

Praise God

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