Meet the Newest Additions to the BSM Family!

September 11, 2016

This summer has brought a lot of new faces to Broad Street. Take a moment to get to know some of our new staff members!

fullsizerender-17Christine Moriarty
Volunteer Coordinator

Christine joined our team at the beginning of July. She describes her role as Volunteer Coordinator by saying “it is like herding cats”. (A fun, senseless, seemingly silly, yet important thing to do.) In addition to rounding up volunteers she provides instruction and support during Breaking Bread. She hopes to utilize her hospitality experience in every aspect of Breaking Bread, giving the guests the same restaurant experience they would have if they were regulars at their favorite neighborhood spot. As a Pennsylvania native and Temple University Philosophy graduate, she has a true love of Philadelphia. She loves going to museums, cooking, painting, and spending as much time outdoors as possible.

If Christine were a superhero she would have the power to teleport anywhere across the globe she desires.


krisKris White
Development Manager

Kris is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio and attended college in Atlanta, GA at Morehouse College and law school at Indiana University School of Law. He relocated to Cherry Hill, NJ for his relationship in 2014 from Dallas, TX. Kris will help the Development team with their fundraising efforts by implementing a peer to peer fundraising model, working on large and small scale events, and additional projects to move. Before joining BSM, he was a development officer for two educational non-profits and a national health non-profit based in D.C., where he helped raise funds to further their mission. Kris brings a strong background in logistics and systems to BSM. In his spare time, Kris enjoys cooking, entertaining and dining out with friends.

If Kris were a pizza, he would have pepperoni and banana peppers as toppings, because he loves meat and food with a kick.

img_7726Maureen Kelly
Programs Associate

Maureen Kelly, who goes by Mo, is a new Programs Associate, volunteering at BSM until next July through Mercy Volunteer Corps.She is originally from Cleveland, Ohio and has a Bachelor’s degree in high school education from the University of Dayton. Mo brings a calming presence, joyful demeanor, and hard-working attitude to Broad Street, excited to learn and grow from the beautiful works established here.

If Mo had a super power, she would have the ability to read minds in order to know what people are truly thinking.

img_2066Traci Lawton
Office Coordinator

Traci views her role of Office Coordinator as the glue behind the scenes that helps hold everything together. She has a love of service and a gift of Administration and over 25 years of experience that she uses to ensure effortless operations for those around her.

If Traci were a type of fruit, she would be an apple: loved by many, simple yet versatile.

ruthie-headshotRuthie Iglesias
Therapeutic Arts Coordinator

Ruthie came to Philadelphia to attend PAFA for her Masters of Fine Arts. She fell in love with Philly and is thrilled to be involved in the Philly arts and culture scene. Ruthie’s personal art practice includes installation and site-specific work; she uses sculptural elements to transform public spaces so that they become something different altogether. Ruthie also performs improv and sketch comedy in Philly and continues to take classes in comedic arts. Prior to joining Broad Street, Ruthie taught visual art and developmental gymnastics for three years, and worked as a college admissions counselor for four years. Ruthie creates visual arts projects to engage guests at BSM’s Art Table on Thursdays and Fridays. In the not-too-distant future Ruthie has big plans for expanding the visual and performing arts therapy options at Broad Street. Ruthie hopes to see guests access and process their thoughts and feelings throughout each week with art, poetry, theater, music, and more.

If Ruthie were a Netflix original show she would be The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. It’s funny, caring, attempts to address difficult topics, and sometimes it’s very awkward. 100% Ruthie.

img_2069Allan Lin
Program Associate

Allan is one of the new Program Associates at Broad Street Ministry for the upcoming year through Americorps Notre Dame. He is from Blue Bell, Pennsylvania and is excited to start in his new role. He will be helping out in various roles but has yet to decide on a position to focus in on. He hopes to one day become a physician and continue to help out in Broad Street’s mission through a different role. Broad Street Ministry will benefit from his positive attitude and his dedication to his work.

If Allan were a holiday he would be Christmas because he likes the snow. Allan is excited to get to know the Broad Street Ministry family and help out the Philadelphia community.

img_2104-copyMichele Ward
Pastoral Associate

Michele is originally from Modesto, California. She relocated to the Pacific Northwest to study writing and theology at Whitworth University. Michele is a 2015 Master of Divinity graduate of the Seattle School of Theology and Psychology. There she learned the value of interdisciplinary training and practice for the life of the church. Michele is also a certified candidate for ordination in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). As a Pastoral Associate, Michele will serve and learn at Broad Street in various capacities as a part of the 1001 New Worshipping Communities program.

“As a creative writer, I bring the lens of an artist to the Broad Street community. When I am preparing a sermon or working through a spiritual question, I often find myself writing poetry or creative nonfiction to sort of my theological questions. I believe that the spiritual is in the mundane as well as the profound moments of daily life. I enjoy conversations with people as we explore where God is present in their midst. I hope BSM will be a little more attuned to the poetic spirit of God and have a larger curiosity for God’s presence in their stories because of my time here. I look forward to joining God in the work the Holy Spirit is already doing, and I am excited for the invitation to be part of that exciting work with BSM.”

If Michele were a milkshake, she would be a blackberry milkshake with copious amounts of fudge. Because blackberries + chocolate = magic.

img_2068Leah Yarmus
Concierge Services

I am coming to Broad Street Ministry with over seven years in the field working with people experiencing homelessness while living with disabling mental illness. What I bring to Broad Street is empathy, curiosity and commitment to social justice. I am so excited to learn and grow here!

img_0225Sam Steffen
Program Associate

Sam is one of a handful of new members to join the BSM team. He will be serving BSM this year as a Program Associate, through the AmeriCorps program. He hopes to continue to the tradition of radical hospitality that Broad Street has built its name on and believes that if the organization is changed at all by his addition, it will be insofar as services continue to run smoothly, without perceptible interruption or delay.

If Sam were a superhero, his power would be the ability to withhold judgment. If he were a fruit or a vegetable, he should count himself lucky that he was not a rock or a fossil or a grain of sand.

img_2067Chelsea Robinson
Program Associate

Now that Chelsea has joined the team at Broad Street Ministry, each and every guest will be welcomed with another warm smile and will be made to feel valued, special, and experience exceptional hospitality. During her time here, Chelsea aims to make a difference in the community of Philadelphia by ensuring that every need is met, every challenge is tackled, and that every guest leaves the building with absolutely no doubt that he/she will return to his/her home away from home!
Chelsea loves to indulge on sweets and cool ice cream treats. If she were a milkshake, she would want to be an Oreo cheesecake milkshake, hands down. She loves cheesecake and believes that Oreos compliment every dessert, so she couldn’t help but choose a flavor that would be the best of both worlds!

We are so excited to welcome each and every one of these amazing people to the team!