Psalms of the Street, Nov. 10

November 11, 2013

Prayers for ****.  He has been diagnosed with ALS.  He is a poet and he is a twin…both are poets and both are blind.

Tell **** to do her best for her son that she can.  She will not be perfect but she should strive for it.  She is just the last person to go through it…

For Lonely hearts everywhere to be filled.  For safe spiritual and physical travels.

For my friend **** – Health Problems.

For help for me taking steps for work.

For help for me getting my book of poems together.

For help w/ my personal life.

Dear God ~ Please give me patience & grace.  I’ve been very wrapped up in my own “stuff.”  Amen – ****

I pray for my grandparents – my grandmother was just diagnosed with alztheimers.  Prayers for her and especially for my grandfather ~ as he cares for her.  May he also care for himself & let us in, to stand with him and support him.

After hearing **** story & dream/vision for BSM, I want to extend my prayers for her, her family, and for the BSM community;  that BSM continue to show us and Philly another way of being and loving in the world.

I met a homeless man named **** recently and I would just pray that God continues to tug on his heart and use me to speak into his life.



I pray for a mission trip that will be happening to Ghana in Jan.  For everyone involved and that God would raise all the funds, guide, direct and use us for His glory.

Dearest God – Help me to feel safe.  Protect me.  Keep me.  Help me to believe in myself & to open my heart to love.  Embrace me.  Help me feel your protection & love.

God,Help me be who you & your people need me to be.  Fight my apathy.  Remind me of your call on my life, & your presence wherever I am.  Disarm my defensiveness.  God I’m going to try & trust you.  I’m not good at that.  Give me strength.

Do I try to move to another city with my boyfriend?

You showed up this week and I am grateful.  My heart is a bit in shambles.  Quiet me and focus me on you and your truth.

Thank you, Broad Street, for being a village for my son & me.

Prayers of healing and wholeness for those who grieve.  Prayers of hope for those who send out resumes into the void.Prayers of joy for mamas and their babies.

This week I pray for my friends in difficult situations, for peace and strength and healing in their lives.  Amen.

Dear G-D,  I’ll need you to be with me, this week.  Thank you for always being there for me.  Keep watch over my family.  I don’t know what’s going on over there.  Thank you,  Me

To create a space & make priority to know, learn, pray & love the city (all areas) & international communities & events.

Thankful for pruning away of unhealthy bits of my life, & growth on the positive areas.  Please give discernment towards my career, relationships…Thankful for joy, for change, for hope.  Heart full of & prayers for family/friends as they await your voice, your direction.  Whether in a whisper or a roar.  Make your voice & hopes for them be clear.  Let us all walk bravely, knowing we are not alone.

Dear Father,  Please continue to watch over my sister and her health concerns.  Clear a path to your Healing Power.

My prayer is to be revitalized!  I pray to feel a sense of spirit again.

Prayers to follow Jesus during the week at work.

Prayers for my relationship with my best friend.  Prayers for all of my relationships.