Psalms of the Street Oct. 6th, 2013

October 7, 2013

Dear God,
Thank You for the moments of peace & Clarity I’ve experienced – I’m easily distracted – and I appreciate your lifting this burden – if only for a moment

Just “Thanks!”  & “God bless!”

I just want to thank God for waking me up today and breathing through me.

May the light of Jesus SOMEHOW shine through my life despite my never-ending failures – for the good of the people around me.  Please pray for this!

***** is in the hospital & is struggling w/ his illness, the pain & fear of it, & the loss of control that comes w/ that.
Also, my Aunt ***** is dying.  The family is gathering.  God, be with her & take her home.  Embrace her in your love & light.  Comfort my people & her people, & be w/ her cousins, my Mom, and my Uncle *****, & all that love her.  May she die well.

Thank you for work and love and newness in my life.  Please be with those who are walking through sadness and heartbreak tonight.

Continuing prayers for the health & peace of my parents.  Peace for 7yo *****.

Help me know what my next right step is w/ my job.  And that no matter what my decision, you help me see the “spiritual blessings” you make available to me so I have strength to go forward.

Dear G-D,
Give me the power to make the right decisions about everything in my life, I’ll need you this week.
Thank you,

Give thanks to God for the mercy & compassion that are ever present.  I thank God for the always growing love in my life & heart.  Pray for me to continue to trust in the lord.

Joyful ~
For laughter and old friend.  Thank you Lord for family.

Please God, help me to bring those I love closer.  Help me to have faith in you and in me.

For *****.

Oh Father,
Please take away this fear that lives in me

Please pray for my sons as they find their place in the world.  May they know love, meaning & purpose.

Lord, continue to guide me and clearly show me the path I am to follow.  Don’t leave my side; let me feel you with me, leading/lighting my way.

Renew my Spirit.

For bringing
Me back.
My prayer remains ‘God,
Let me not be
An asshole’

God, I am terrified of having a mammogram tomorrow.  Please be with me – what ever the results.  But I would love for the results to be good.  I also pray that you be with my son, and the soul of *****

Prayer for mental clarity and spiritual strength.

Prayers for my friend *****’s family and child.  ***** and his wife passed in a car accident last week.  Their child is still in critical condition in *****, NY.
A joy:  This week I wrote a letter to the editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer.  AND it was well received.  I shared my thoughts on the government shutdown.