Psalms of the Street, March 30th, 2014

March 9, 2014

CandlesEvery Sunday evening we ask people to invest in our community through their money, through filling out a welcome card so that they may be known, and through their prayers. The prayer cards function as BSM’s “Psalms of the Street”, expressions that span a broad range of experiences: deep, raw sorrow; exuberant celebrations; burdens that need carrying; and personal and communal victories. The prayer cards are read out loud at our No Holds Barred bible study on Wednesday evenings and they are typed up with names removed and published here.

At Broad Street Ministry, we believe in the communion of saints, those who pray for us and alongside us, across history and across the world.  The Psalms of the Street found here are an opportunity for you to join this community in prayer, no matter where you are.

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

Keep myself inclined to the utmost to God’s ways.


Dear God~

Lent is a very thoughtful & sometimes brooding time for me – Please help inspire my thoughts & actions today & in the days ahead ~ Amen – ****


I need energy and love beyond myself to work with my middle school students and proclaim Jesus’ love & forgiveness by my actions.


Pray for forgiveness and reconciliation in a broken relationship with a friend.  Especially that it would happen in a way that is healthy for both of us.  Pray also for continued discernment about the future.


Please be with me and my family as we travel next week.


Dear G-D,

Thank you for getting me through last week, please help me get through this week.  Keep an eye out for my family & friends.  Thank you, ME


Dear God,

Healing prayers to ****.  Hold me in your heart & lighten my load.  My heart open to the way for me to experience & express the joy of your love for all.  Amen


Give me Love


Dear God,

Please be w/ me in the everyday mundane activities of my life.


Prayers for balancing my duties at work & to know my job as a follower of Jesus.


Please pray for **** & his mother as she lives her final days & he (****) contends with the loss of his mom.  Please pray that God may cover this pain & loss & that the sure & certain hope of the Resurrection will infuse them both with power.


So so anxious

Energy, excitement



Lord God –

I pray for the gentleman behind me – whatever his worries are lift them & help him receive your peace – I also pray for

– ****

– ****

– ****

– ****

– & for ****– New endeavors in his career-Wherever you shall take us – that will be your will

– All those whose hearts maybe in distress – you know us Lord better than we know ourselves as you reveal yourself to us – let us receive you.  Amen.


Please pray for my friend who is getting married soon and give her and her future husband peace/direction/wisdom.


OH Father,

Please be with me this week as I embark on making commitments that will bind me to the path you have laid before me.


Lacking words, but you know my heart.  I can’t understand the pain in this world & why we must experience it.  Heal this sorrowful city.


God help me to learn how to be in healthy relationship w/ people & to not feel so alone.


Lost boyfriend.


God, I am

scared because I know

that getting better

and being ok is going

to be hard

but, oh man, am

I joyful that I’ve done

this spiral staircase

before and I know there’s

a getting out.

Thank you for your Grace

I’m going to grab

it all by the fistful

as I try to