Volunteer Spotlight: Alexandria Holmes and Repair the World: Philadelphia

September 2, 2016
Alexandria Holmes with Mail Service Coordinator, Ella Rose

This month we are spotlighting Alexandria Holmes and Repair the World: Philadelphia.

Alexandria is an amazing volunteer who is dedicated to serving at the mail table. She has been volunteering with us since the beginning of this year and you can usually find her smiling behind the mail table on Wednesday or Thursday.

Here is what Alexandria has to say about  her volunteer experience:

“My favorite part is that I have so much interaction with the guests. It gives me the opportunity to say hello and wish everyone a great rest of the day.
forever love stamp
If Alexandria were a postage stamp, she would be the “Forever Love” stamp.

“After the mail “rush” dies down it also allows me to have conversations with some of the guests, sometimes it’s about something that came in the mail, sometimes it’s about something they are expecting in the mail, sometimes it’s just a little chat between two people. A little love goes a long way.”

Thank you, Alexandria, for being such a welcoming presence at the mail table! Mail is such an important service for our guests, and it is our dedicated volunteers who make it all possible!

image4Repair the World is a national organization making service a defining part of American Jewish life and building broader community around volunteering and service learning for everyone. They do this by providing meaningful volunteer experiences that address real needs in partnership with local communities and by enabling volunteers to find deeper meaning in their pursuit of justice and social change.
image2For the past three years, Repair the World: Philadelphia has been partnering with Broad Street Ministry to recruit volunteers for Breaking Bread.  This coming year, we have four Fellows who will be regularly serving at Broad Street Ministry and are looking forward to being a part of this amazing community.
Our own Mail Service Coordinator, Ella Rose, got her start at BSM as a Repair the World fellow two years ago. We are so excited each year to partner with such a great organization! Thank you for all your hard work!