Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Schimmel and Zipcar

November 7, 2016


Volunteer Spotlight: Bruce Schimmel
Here at Broad Street Ministry our volunteer opportunities are varied and plentiful, though you may notice that we do not have any kitchen volunteer positions available. We have, however, made one exception and his name is Bruce! Bruce founded the Philadelphia City Paper and when he retired from journalism five years ago he found a new way to connect with the city: through food. “Unlike media, food gets in touch with people in a real personal way,” Bruce says.
In Bruce’s spare time outside of BSM, he is a chef with the Agastan Urban Nutrition Initiative at the University of Pennsylvania and cooks with the Culinary Literacy Center at the Free Library. His 16 years of experience in community cooking and various credentials, including ServSafe, make Bruce a welcomed addition to our BSM kitchen once per week on Thursdays.
Bruce wears his enthusiasm for BSM on his chef’s apron and signature “Chef Bruce” cap. He is adamant about the importance of putting good thoughts into the food as it is being prepared, and believes that these good vibes are transferred to our guests; he even thanks the chickens! He thanks all of the chickens that have been part of our ability to feed our hundreds of guests week after week. Every time BSM receives a food donation from local partners such as Carversville Farm, you’ll hear Bruce in the kitchen saying, “The angels have arrived! They floated into the kitchen to deliver this beautiful food.” He is passionate about how BSM is sourcing food through more humane and sustainable avenues, and how we employ a portion of our kitchen staff through Ready Willing and Able (RWA), a transitional work program for those who’ve experienced addiction, homelessness, and/or incarceration.
Bruce shared that he believes in BSM because our message is so clear and embedded in all of the services we provide. We provide comfort to those who need to be comforted and there is no more fundamental way to show care for someone than through food. Bruce remarks that “humanity is expressed in our food”. Bruce came through our big red doors and, just like anyone else, he is now always welcome here.

Volungood-carmateer Spotlight: Zipcar

Zipcar is the world leader in providing ‘wheels when you want them.’ The beauty of Zipcar and car sharing is that it just makes sense. It’s there when you need it and not when you don’t. Just imagine never having to make a car payment, pay an auto insurance bill, or worry about the cost of gasoline!
Zipcar is membership based so join here to get access to freedom and hundreds of cars, trucks, SUV’s, and vans near you in Philly and all over the world!
1-million-zipcarThrough our new partnership, Zipcar hopes to support Broad Street Ministry in our mission to better the community. To kick off our partnership, they have decided to thank any Zipster that volunteered for Broad Street Ministry by rewarding them with free driving. Yup, we said free driving!

“The minute this campaign went live, we received immediate responses from excited Zipcar members who couldn’t wait to chip in! We plan to continue to help Broad Street Ministry grow their group of volunteers so they can continue touching lives all over Philly. Building strong partnerships with local organizations, such as Broad Street Ministry, are essential in helping us give back to this city.”

Does your organization want to partner with Zipcar Philadelphia? Send us an email at philadelphiamarketing@zipcar.com.

We are so grateful for this unique collaboration with Zipcar. Thanks for practicing radical hospitality with us!