Arts & Faith

Broad Street Ministry has been a home to the arts since we opened our doors! We believe art can remind us of the value of human life through the joys and pains it explores. It can give us an opportunity, as artist and audience, to explore themes of justice, hope, forgiveness and a myriad other deep values held at BSM. Because we welcome artists and performers to honestly explore in our space, we believe our community is blessed to participate and experience the art that is produced. In this give and take between our community and the artists who make it their home the city is given an opportunity to grow and be challenged.


Images of Broad Street Ministry

BSM gives thanks for many gifted photographers that are a part of the community.

JJ Tiziou, known for his captivating series “How Philly Moves,” captured Broad Street Ministry’s seventh birthday by photographing the diverse community that claims BSM their own [Click here]. Tiziou also took a series of Photographs documenting the Broad Street Ministry production of Quixote in 2009 [Click here].

Tim Moyer, photographer and graphic designer, recorded the opening of the Broad Street Ministry new kitchen in the fall of 2011. Check out these incredible photographs.

Permanent Art Installations

Broad Street Ministry currently houses two large art installations in the main sanctuary:

Windmills by Dayton Casteman A person catches their breath as they enter the church and their eyes are confronted by a startling image: an array of enormous windmills fills the sanctuary, hovering in the air above them, looming over the worship space. [Read More]

Fall to Flight by Alison Dilworth Fall to Flight is an installation of approximately 600 origami swallows suspended by invisible thread. [Read More]


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